About us

With 25% of the global population predicted to be in Africa by 2050, the continent must expand its agricultural production capacity to ensure global food sustainability. The Sub Saharan African region has the necessary resources required to grow its agricultural operations including; fertile and unused land, a growing youth populatin and favourable government policies. Nonetheless, the market is disconnected and farmers have poor access to capital, quality assured inputs and adequate technical expertise. Furthermore they have little influence in the value chain. At Farmz2U, our aim is to use technology to empower farmers with data analytics that can support core operational processes and key decisions, with access to relevant stakeholders in the value chain

Since launching in 2014, we have worked towards the primary objective of reducing global food waste and enhancing food nutrition. With the former objective, we ensure farmers adopt sustainable production methods that ensure high nutritional content of produce. This is aligned with the United Nation's SDG 3. Similarly, in achieving our latter objective we achieve this by promoting responsible production among farmers. This is aligned with United Nations' SDG 12.