About Us

Since 2019, we have been developing solutions for smallholder farmers in Sub Saharan Africa. Food sustainability is a key driver for us and with 25% of the global population predicted to be in Africa by 2050, the continent must expand its agricultural production capacity. Our vision is to empower the next generation of Sub Saharan African farmers with data. Audacious, yes....impossible, no!

Empower the next generation of Sub Saharan African farmers with data

We achieve our vision through a mission to build data centric solutions that automate agricultural production to increase yield and profit. Our vision and mission primarily address United Nations' SDG 2 Zero Hunger and 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. And we are guided by our values; Innovation, Transparency, Integrity and Community Development.

Our Impact

Farmz2U and stakeholders from Taita Taveta, Kenya exploring digital opportunities for macadamia and cashew nut farmers

Moses Ndura being onboarded as Farmz2U’s first Farmer Service Center of the Nyandarua county from the Farm to Market Alliance initiative

Members of the Nyandarua farmer community sharing the opportunities created by Farmz2U for Farmer Service Centers

Farmz2U and farmers from the Amuludun Cooperative on the FADAMA III World Bank project in, Lagos Nigeria

Farmz2U and farmers from the Eweko Farmer Cluster being supported with digital solutions, Lagos Nigeria

Moses Ndura on a farm visit to Kithekani Farms in Machakos Kenya

Farmz2U, a pilot farmer and his guarantor from our Capital Feature launch, which facilitated digital loans to farmers in Kano, Nigeria

Farmz2U at Ahalson General Enterprises LTD, offtakers of our farmers’ harvested produce

Farmz2U and members of the Society for Women Development and Empowerment in Nigeria (SWODEN)


Leads the team in delivering its strategic objectives and vision of empowering the next generation of farmers

Aisha Raheem

Vision Director

Provides the direction of product development for comparative advantage using cutting edge technology

Olúwatìmìlé̩hìn Akogün

Solution Architect

Drives the quality of technical expertise provided to farmers through expertise as an agricultural economist

Precious Ehiwario

Agriculture Guru

Increases brand awareness across Farmz2U's ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders

Mary Asanga

Community Champion

Ensures timely delivery of product development and ensures the optimal use of resources

Débọ́lá Oyènúgà

Product Gatekeeper

Coordinates company activities ensuring alignment to strategic objectives

Tèmítọ́pẹ́ Olukanmi

Success Hacker

Works as a sidekick to the Product Gatekeeper, implementing software and product designs

Tóbi Ojuolape

Product Validator

Oversees operational and administrative functions with the aim of accomplishing KPIs

Salman Abba Audi

Performance Orchestrator

An environment where undiscovered talents flourish