Our Solutions

Using data to improve farmer's decisions on and off the farm


Farming Management Platform

For both existing and aspiring farmers, accessing information like "what to grow" and "how to grow", or even a loan to start farming is challenging. The FMP is a web application that supports smallholder farmers from pre-farming to post harvest with digital extension services and market access.


Farming Vendor Platform

Avoid non-value adding middle men in the supply chain by directly connecting with end-buyers. The FVP makes it easy for vendors of farm and food produce sell their produce through an online store that automates pricing and delivery. Connect with potential customers using this low-cost approach.



Learn new ideas in agriculture and share your problems too. A problem shared is a problem half solved! Through Farmz2U's Community we will work together to crowdsource solutions to problems so share them, nothing is too random. Our community has experts from academia and research, so you are in good hands!